Aalto VCD

Nettisivu Aalto-yliopiston visuaalisen suunnittelun linjalle. Suunnittelu: Aalto VCD -työryhmä Toteutus: Viiksimaisteri “Visual Communication is changing rapidly. Design thinking now includes new forms such as story-telling, experiences, and data visualization. Our programme represents an expanded trans-media discipline of communication and expression. When it comes to stories, many creatives have them: Graphic Designers, Authors, Animators, Graphic Novelists, […]

Head Games

by Act-101 (Anna Petzer & Walter Sallinen) in collaboration with Viiksimaisteri   Programme note Act-101 Player 1: Anna Petzer Player 2: Walter Sallinen Video and visuals: Viiksimaisteri Phases: Preface (vision) Surface (television) Interface (telepresence) Deface (presence) Word pairs: here/there now/then this/that I/you Middle words + gestures: and or but yet nor Glance: face camera screen […]

The Use of a Personal Computer 2016

  Performanssi, esitetty 1.4.2016, Ihana Baari @ Tiivistämö Suvilahti, Helsinki. Kesto 4 tuntia. Personal reflection on “The Use of a Personal Computer 2016” First and foremost, the personal computer is dead, at least it will (should) be in the very near future. My performance could be examined as a nostalgic presentation of the interfaces we […]