Ui ui

🎾  an idea atelier specializing in creative direction & artist management known for unorthodox live concepts 💭 This web concept proved quite unorthodox too! …How’d be a simple basic homepage with five different (cool) alternatives? Quite  🥦

The five alternatives are:
• Black metal, cause 🔥🦅
• Green balls in shape of UI UI that you can flick around
• One with over 400 media files from Pietari’s collection 📱
• 🧩 200IQ puzzle with a reward 🧩
• Sticky notes that you can write into, cause taking notes is important 📒

• Art direction & visual design: Lars Högström / Tsto
• Web development: Viiksimaisteri
• Creative direction & concept: Ui ui
• Drawings, photos, screenshots: Ui ui
• Studio portraits: Sergei Pavlov

Visit the site at uiui.fi