AD: Leo Karhunen / Double Happiness

“Post Bar is a club.
A music bar and dance club dedicated to you. Whether you want to dance or just hang out, you’re welcome here, as long as you treat others and the vibe with respect.”


Post Bar is a club launched June 2018 in Helsinki at Kaikukatu 2. Double Happiness/Leo Karhunen proposed me to create an interactive website for the client.

Honoured of the continued collaboration with Double Happiness in this endeavour to work with the biggest players in the nightlife industry in Helsinki. Long-term key figures Toni Rantanen & Tim Uskali launched a new club with fresh DJ talents Joni Lindroos, Daniel Kayrouz, Justus Valtanen and Dennis Okoth to present Post Bar.

Horizontal scrolling either with start and end points or as an infinity loop (which was revoked in the end), parallax with perfect synchronisation of the scrolling content and the paint performance of horizontally scrolled content withheld some challenges. Particularly the elastic scrolling effect at each end of the scroll proved difficult to overcome. Yet solutions (or better worded, highly alternative methods) to everything were found and many interesting aspects of visual/technical detail of web development were learnt.

Each of such challenges add to the repository of skills needed for the increasingly crazy web design extravaganzas inquired from me. Would imagine many front-end developers run for cover when they see such layouts. Yet as worded by Leo Karhunen: “Viiksi, sä tykkäät haasteista” – proves true again.


Check out the website here: