Magenta Boy

Concept: Walter Sallinen ja Klaus Maunuksela
Text and direction: Klaus Maunuksela
Composition and sound design: Walter Sallinen
Magenta Boy: Wilhelm Enckell
Videos and visuals: Ville Niemi
Sound design: Kaj Mäki-Ullakko
Musicians: Anna-Sofia Anttonen, Mikko Raasakka and Noora Kärnä


Text: Klaus Maunuksela

Magenta Boy is a piece of experimental music theatre. It takes a short view on the form of confession typical to our era: coming out of the closet.
What are we actually confessing when we call ourselves gay?

V(ideob)logging is a means of representing of oneself in Late capitalism where we all have become heroic self-entrepreneurs armed with webcam and sponsor products. Analogy to making art is obvious (just count off the sponsors).

Magenta Boy is an attempt to picture identity that cannot be separated from identity crisis. By doing that, the performance wants to question the conventions of self-narrating and ”identity” as a concept meant to define our way of existing.

What is a ”real” experience at this moment of history when looking at one’s own face has replaced the Levinasian looking at Other’s face? At the time when the deepest ethical conviction is to construct your own identity to express your ”real selfhood”?

Since performance has expanded to a form of social being, performances have to approach this performativity that is shaping our everyday life. To make it visible, to make it a subject of thinking – for something new to occur.

Magenta Boy is uniting forces of contemporary music, theatre and post-internet art to exorcise contradictions that are raging inside a modern individual. It wants to attack sentimentality, conformism and internalized homofobia and defend the contradicting nature of our experiences.