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Ui ui

🎾  an idea atelier specializing in creative direction & artist management known for unorthodox live concepts 💭 This web concept proved quite unorthodox too! …How’d be a simple basic homepage with five different (cool) alternatives? Quite  🥦 The five alternatives are: • Black metal, cause 🔥🦅 • Green balls in shape of UI UI that you can flick around • […]

Aalto VCD

Nettisivu Aalto-yliopiston visuaalisen suunnittelun linjalle. Suunnittelu: Aalto VCD -työryhmä Toteutus: Viiksimaisteri “Visual Communication is changing rapidly. Design thinking now includes new forms such as story-telling, experiences, and data visualization. Our programme represents an expanded trans-media discipline of communication and expression. When it comes to stories, many creatives have them: Graphic Designers, Authors, Animators, Graphic Novelists, […]

Magenta Boy

Concept: Walter Sallinen ja Klaus Maunuksela Text and direction: Klaus Maunuksela Composition and sound design: Walter Sallinen Magenta Boy: Wilhelm Enckell Videos and visuals: Ville Niemi Sound design: Kaj Mäki-Ullakko Musicians: Anna-Sofia Anttonen, Mikko Raasakka and Noora Kärnä   Text: Klaus Maunuksela Magenta Boy is a piece of experimental music theatre. It takes a short […]