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Ui ui

🎾  an idea atelier specializing in creative direction & artist management known for unorthodox live concepts 💭 This web concept proved quite unorthodox too! …How’d be a simple basic homepage with five different (cool) alternatives? Quite  🥦 The five alternatives are: • Black metal, cause 🔥🦅 • Green balls in shape of UI UI that you can flick around • […]

Aalto VCD

Nettisivu Aalto-yliopiston visuaalisen suunnittelun linjalle. Suunnittelu: Aalto VCD -työryhmä Toteutus: Viiksimaisteri “Visual Communication is changing rapidly. Design thinking now includes new forms such as story-telling, experiences, and data visualization. Our programme represents an expanded trans-media discipline of communication and expression. When it comes to stories, many creatives have them: Graphic Designers, Authors, Animators, Graphic Novelists, […]

Head Games

by Act-101 (Anna Petzer & Walter Sallinen) in collaboration with Viiksimaisteri   Programme note Act-101 Player 1: Anna Petzer Player 2: Walter Sallinen Video and visuals: Viiksimaisteri Phases: Preface (vision) Surface (television) Interface (telepresence) Deface (presence) Word pairs: here/there now/then this/that I/you Middle words + gestures: and or but yet nor Glance: face camera screen […]

The Use of a Personal Computer 2017

The Use of a Personal Computer is an audiovisual live performance in which the computer and its interfaces are explored, exploited and exhibited in an unusual fashion. Originally criticising solely windows and Windows, the performance has developed into an ongoing project and a series of shows which consecutively add to the following while maturing thematically […]