"HEAD GAMES", a piece for two musicians and a visualist by Act-101 (Walter Sallinen and Anna Petzer) premieres next Friday (30.11.2018) at Musiikkitalo, Helsinki as part of #MUTEFEST - proudly performed by us three. 🎶📺 Based on a dialogical game ...
posted 2 months ago
Work for #HASSFEST (2/4 VR experiences). 🧠 🤳🧔... Music 🎶 BETWEEN - REMOVE: TO FIGHT THE ABYSS ONE MUST KNOW IT @jussihz
posted 3 months ago
Work for #HASSFEST (1/4 VR experiences). 👍🏻🛃📵. Inspired by a text from Invisible Committee, where they write: "Cybernetic government is inherently apocalyptic - - - 'communication is the cement of society and those whose work consists in ...
posted 3 months ago

Selfie 👨🏻🤳 Life in Sweden is easy as you can see. #folkhemmet Going to Armenia 🇦🇲 to exhibit work in two weeks.
posted 4 months ago